Friday, August 1, 2008

#8 Sqeeze every last drop

You're down to the end of that tube of toothpaste and you just want to toss it. But it's likely that there is still some toothpaste in the "hub" of the tube. So bunch up that tube, push with all your might, and you'll be amazed at how much more toothpaste you can get out. I know, there are a million different tube squeezers out there that are supposed to help you with this, but don't waste your money. They can't do anything your fingers can't already do.


Pros: I'd estimate about a tube of toothpaste a year in savings. One less to buy, one less plastic tube to dispose of. Over a lifetime, that's a lot.
Cons: At the end, I have to set the toothbrush down and use both hands to get that last little bit.

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smbwallace said...

Cut the tube in half and you'll be astonished with how much toothpaste is inside the tube even after no more will squeeze out! I do this with everything that comes in a tube.