Sunday, August 24, 2008

#16 Paper paper everywhere, but not a scrap to write on?

Are you a list maker? I never thought I was, but lately I can't seem to accomplish anything unless I have a list. Or remember what to buy if it's not written down. The problem is that lists take paper. Not to worry! I get enough junk mail to keep me well supplied. The backs of the envelopes are perfect. I might as well get some use out of the complete waste of paper. I also use other pieces of scrap paper, like stuff I printed (like directions) and am no longer using. Then when I am done, it can go in the recycle bin where it would have gone anyway.

Pros: Makes some use of waste paper, and you don't have to use up a piece of new paper

Cons: My lists are more easily misplaced because they look like trash.

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Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

I hate junk mail. I know there is a list you can get on that stops a lot of it from coming (at least the credit card offer-type stuff), but I don't remember how to get on it....