Tuesday, August 5, 2008

#10 Freeze to please

Is there anything kids love more in the summertime than popsicles? How much money have you spent on sugar water because it's frozen on a stick? So my tip is-- make your own. A plastic popsicle mold is very inexpensive and can be used indefinitely. No wooden sticks, plastic wrappers, or bags/boxes. If you're worried about BPA, you can get BPA-free molds here. (Tupperware doesn't use polycarbonate to make children's products.) You could also create your own molds out of jars or whatever you want.
You can make any kind of popsicles you want, including yogurt, fruit juice, or go cheap and do kool-aid. One of my kids' favorites is lemonade pops.
Pros: Healthier (if you want them to be) and cheaper. Less plastic, less waste.
Cons: My daughter keeps losing the sticks outside. Most plastic molds probably do have BPA in them.

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