Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#49 Green Birthday invitations

It's birthday time around here.  My daughter is turning 4 and having her first real party with friends over.    It is of course going to be a princess party like most girls her age would ask for.  I am now up for the challenge of making sure her party doesn't create too much waste or have a negative environmental impact, but still lets the kids have a lot of fun.   The first thing is the invitations.  I looked everywhere for something that was decently priced and eco-friendly and just had no luck.  Any recycled paper invitations I could find were outrageously priced.  But, I found a site with free printable invitations.   I let my daughter pick the one she wanted, then printed them on my own recycled printer paper.  Voila!  Wait, what about envelopes?  I printed those as well!  It prints the picture in the right place for you to fold your own envelopes.   They turned out great.   My daughter had fun putting stickers on them to keep them closed.  

Pros:  Easy, cheap, saves packaging, saves a trip to the store, and you know the invitations will eventually go in the trash anyway(well, hopefully the recycle bin.)

Cons:  It took quite a bit of printer ink.

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Aaron, Julie, Trey, & Audrey said...

Will go in the recycle bin here, of course! ;)