Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#48 Don't spoil the foil

Since I'm on the topic of reusing things, I thought I'd post about reusing your aluminum foil. In this case it pays to get heavy duty, good quality foil. After it is used, carefully wash the foil in soapy water, or even tent it up and stick it in the dishwasher.  If you are careful with it, it can last a long time.  I've had a roll that was given to me about 3 years ago and it's still going strong.    When the peices get too small or holey, I still wash them and then put them in the recycle bin.

Pros:  Aluminum is expensive, so conserving it can save you a lot of money especially if you use it a lot.    It's also a resource worth conserving.

Cons:  You really do have to be careful with it when washing it.  That's why I recommend the super heavy duty stuff.   Sometimes stuff just gets too stuck to it and it's hard to get clean.

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