Monday, March 23, 2009

#43 Sort the "heavies"

Oh my!  When I started this blog I thought I'd be done by now with my 100 things.   Life has just gotten in the way.  I'm not giving up though-- I am going to try to post more frequently.

So, don't you hate it when you go to get your clothes out of the dryer and there are a couple of things that aren't dry?  Usually towels or jeans.  Or what I like the call the "heavies."  So there are two ways to handle those.  First, just make a separate load of the heavy laundry.  Anything that normally takes a little longer to dry.  Then you can plan on running that load a little longer.  The other way is to stop the dryer when most of the clothes are dry and hang up the ones that are not dry so they can finish drying.
By the way, my wish list includes a decorative laundry arbor so I can hang clothes outside in the summertime.  As it is, I have an indoor rack for diaper covers and odds and ends.

Pros: Less dryer time means energy saved and getting laundry through more quickly.

Cons: Sorting heavies means that you may be mixing parts of different colored loads.


ParentsGear said...

I also do not use heat cycle for dryer. Just cool air.It saves the energy in my house, since I have piles of dirty clothes to wash every day.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

So I have been trying to figure out what to use outside when summer comes. I think we will just go with a retractible clothesline, but I am curious about your idea for a decorative laundry arbor. Is that something you made up, or is there something specifically marketed as such?