Saturday, November 22, 2008

#32 What to do with your "icky" water

The other night my son came down the stairs after having been tucked in bed. He announced to my husband and I that he had drunk the rest of the water in his cup before he was going to refill it, even though it was "icky" because he didn't want to waste it. Well, I can't get the child to turn off the faucet when it's running needlessly, or to not take a forever-long shower, but at least I know he is paying a little attention. Anyway, we explained that it wasn't really necessary for him to drink icky water just for the sake of not wasting it. A much better use for the water would be to put it on one of the houseplants.

Now I admit I do this much more during the summer, but even during the winter, some of that "gray water" can be of use. Water the garden, grass, or houseplants. I also dump mine in the compost bucket if I have nowhere else to use it, because the compost needs moisture, too. You can use your vegetable wash water, water you have cooked pasta or something in, water left in glasses at dinnertime. You can also "catch" water that is running while you wait for the water to get hot or cold. Any time that you would normally dump water down the drain, just stop to consider if there is a use for it. Be sure not to use water that has a lot of soap or any chemicals in it.
**Update: I stumbled across a post today at The Greenest Dollar (a great website, by the way) all about how to recycle gray water. Check it out!

Pros: Use less water, have greener plants

Cons: I sometimes end up with noodles in my houseplants :) It also throws off any watering schedule if you like to keep one. I find my plants do better without one-- they are green and healthy and I water them when they look dry or droopy.

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