Friday, July 25, 2008

#6 Half and half moo juice

Here's one that I never ever thought that my family would go for. I think it's one of the oldest money-saving tricks on the books, though. Use powdered milk and mix and a half and half ratio with real milk. We use whole milk since powdered milk is fat-free. Really, I thought it would be gross, but I can't really tell the difference, as long as the milk is cold. We buy 25 lb. bags, but dry milk is available boxed in most stores, and in bulk bins at many.
Pros: Less plastic milk jugs, less trips to the grocery store, and save a lot of money especially with the rising cost of milk, and it's great to have extra dry milk around in case of emergency.
Cons: If you need it right away and don't have any mixed up, you then have to wait to mix it and it doesn't taste as good before it's chilled. Also, even though I wash the milk jugs before reusing them for mixed milk, sometimes they make the milk sour quickly. Recycle and replace the mixing jug often, or use a pitcher. I have to reserve some whole milk for the baby (under 2).

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Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

I discovered a year or so ago, when Trey wanted milk and I didn't want to go to the store, that he will drink powdered milk just as eagerly as "regular" milk. I didn't even go half-and-half, and when we had both in the fridge, he preferred the "homemade" milk (maybe because he helped make it?) We have done this a handful of times since (always when we were out of milk and I didn't want to or couldn't go to the store--I do like the convenience of being able to make what you need!)

It was quite a surprise to me, because I grew up drinking the powdered variety quite often and never liked it. I should try it mixed half and half; I don't like how the price of milk keeps going up. Where do you get the 25-lb bags?